Monday, January 7, 2008


The first month or so of wedding planning seemed like a giant debate about everything (money, size of wedding, formality) but primarily colors. It seems insane to be debating colors with someone. Particularly getting so upset about colors that you actually CRY about them. I'm not that girly, but when I think about weddings I normally think pastel-based flowery magical affairs. P, knowing that I'm not that much of a girly-girl was confused by my sudden insistence that everything be "pretty." He wanted green flowers and didn't understand what wedding colors were used for outside of the bridesmaid dresses. I was sick of explaining accent colors and defending pink bouquets. It wasn't until I discovered a magical little thing called the inspiration board that our bickering ceased.

Snippet & Ink has been our savior. Kathryn creates a new board each day--each a perfect example of how to create a pulled together wedding look--even if that look is gypsy-eclectic. Looking at the boards I realized that I don't want a super-girly pink wedding. P realized that themes and colors aren't something I've invented to make our lives difficult.

After looking around we created our first board:

And later, Katheryn created a board specifically for us:

In response we made our most recent board:

We'll probably add a few more before the wedding actually happens, but for a compilation of pictures they actually serve as a very useful guide in shaping the wedding.