Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flowergirl inspiration

My flowergirl, like my bridesmaids, basically picked herself. I have assertive friends and family! She's the daughter of my cousin (so my second cousin? cousin once-removed?), she's 6, and she loves being a flower girl. Actually, at the request of her mom, she doesn't even know yet, as her mom didn't want her talking about it and tearing up all the plants in their yard for months as practice.

My sisters and I adore her (and her brother, who will be my ring bearer) and spent some time over the weekend thinking about how I should dress her up for the wedding.

Some thoughts included...
This pink dress from Garnet Hill is cute, but only comes in pink.

Also from Garnet Hill. I really like this, it fits our colors, but it's $90 and I'm not asking my cousin to buy a $90 dress for a rapidly growing 6 year old.

This dress from Hanna Anderson is cute, and affordable ($40) but not quite the right colors.

This was also $40 from HA but it just sold out! Sweet though.

Fancy, more expensive, but adorable from etsy seller bellasofia.

This Target dress is actually a possibility (and at $25, it's a cheap one!).

And of course Gap has cute dresses, no-matter how much I dislike their business practices.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


When I started wedding planning, I thought that with my hodgepodge of friends and family, it would be easier to just forgo the wedding party. Over the years I have collected quite a few close friends, but they tend to come in and out of my life depending on where we are living, how busy we all are, and where our current interests lie.

But then one of my younger sisters told me that she WAS going to be my bridesmaid--no question. And my current confidant and best friend seemed interested. And then if I was going to include anyone, I was going to include my best friend since we were in diapers. So that was three.

So then, partially because I didn't care that much, and partially because the mr. insisted that matching bridesmaid dresses look like the military, I told my friends they could wear whatever they wanted in the yellow, brown, or olive green color scheme. This led to weeks of frustration on their part, culminating in a horrible weekend of shopping (horrible! shopping!!!). They were practically in tears by the end of it and basically told me that I needed to just pick something out and they'd wear it. And they wanted to match.

Some of the dresses we considered...

An Antonio Melani dress was deemed cute but too spring-time sundressy.

Everyone loved the pricing for the Jcrew embossed beach dresses, but in person the yellow was way too bright.

In a moment of frustration, I almost had them buy them Jcrew Cotton Cady dress of their choice. I love them. The colors were perfect (a softer yellow or brown are available), but the $250-275 price tag was way out of the range I'd discussed with them and I didn't want to be that person.

We looked at several more dresses, from Macy's (most were too cocktail party) to Forever 21 (too see-through), before finally going the route that many other brides have been going...

The JCrew silk chiffon collection...

Both in the brown color. They are light enough that they will be okay if the wedding day happens to be scorching hot, but substantial enough that they don't look or feel cheap.

And we got them during one of the JCrew sales so they are costing less than $150 a dress (which had been our original dress limit).

Monday, April 21, 2008

DIY in Process

The spare room in our flat has been converted into a wedding workshop. Needless to say, our housemate cannot wait for us to move out in June!

A few projects in process...
Is it a garage sale? Nope. This is one of what will be many mass dish washing operations on our lawn.

The dishes will run through a dish washer once they are up at my parent's for the wedding, but until then, we got all the thrift store stickers off, and got the dishes (mostly) clean, outside.

Our neighbors, in addition to our housemate, think we are insane.

One of my favorites:
My current favorite DIY project is my napkin making sweatshop. I buy old sheets from thrift stores, wash them, and cut them up with pinking sheers. This stack doesn't look like many, but it's actually around 50 napkins! Almost halfway there...

Oak leaf chic

So I think we've narrowed down our "theme" to oak leaf, vintage, chic. Colors focusing on brown, yellow, and olive green, with pink accents.

Something like this board, inspired by the Ariella Chezar bouquet in the middle.

row 1:, sangria from, ribbons in trees from Oh Happy Day, candles from black*eiffel.
row 2: my parent's yard, bouquet from, hair from
row 3: photo backdrop from lena corwin, cake from Vintage Indie
row 4: menu from theKnot, garlands from etsy, another shot of the yard, and image from Nikki McClure.