Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flowergirl inspiration

My flowergirl, like my bridesmaids, basically picked herself. I have assertive friends and family! She's the daughter of my cousin (so my second cousin? cousin once-removed?), she's 6, and she loves being a flower girl. Actually, at the request of her mom, she doesn't even know yet, as her mom didn't want her talking about it and tearing up all the plants in their yard for months as practice.

My sisters and I adore her (and her brother, who will be my ring bearer) and spent some time over the weekend thinking about how I should dress her up for the wedding.

Some thoughts included...
This pink dress from Garnet Hill is cute, but only comes in pink.

Also from Garnet Hill. I really like this, it fits our colors, but it's $90 and I'm not asking my cousin to buy a $90 dress for a rapidly growing 6 year old.

This dress from Hanna Anderson is cute, and affordable ($40) but not quite the right colors.

This was also $40 from HA but it just sold out! Sweet though.

Fancy, more expensive, but adorable from etsy seller bellasofia.

This Target dress is actually a possibility (and at $25, it's a cheap one!).

And of course Gap has cute dresses, no-matter how much I dislike their business practices.

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