Tuesday, May 6, 2008


While finding brideswomen dresses had it's ups and downs, it took my other half and I about a half hour to decide what we'd like the grooms guys to wear.

Before we were even officially engaged I suggested (begged) him to consider wearing suspenders for our wedding. I loves me some suspenders. So cute, classic, sexy, etc.

So when my mom requested that I ask my dad to wear suspenders to the wedding (we are eerily similar, but I've come to terms with it), I figured, what the hell. They can all wear 'em!

Since we weren't planning on making them rent tux's or anything that fancy anyway, the suspenders fit with our dressed-up, funky, casual vibe.

So the menfolk will be wearing something like this:
Except instead of jeans, we are having them buy these brown pinstripe pants:
Sorry for the butt shot. It was either that for close-up frontal (via BananaRepublic.com)

Since it should be warm the night of our wedding (and by warm we are talking 80s or 90s) I doubt they will miss having jackets. No jackets also means that I don't have to make boutonnieres for all the groomsmen in our DIY wedding flower-making extravaganza. Everyone wins!

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