Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DIY: Making Mason Jar Lamps

Several people have asked how we created the mason jar candle holders. While I don't have the tools here to do a good step-by-step with pictures, here's what I've got using one of the already made holders.

-Empty jars with labels removed
-Wire (I *think* the wire we used was mostly 20 gage...we found two different spools of wire in my parent's garage, so we used that.)
-Wire cutters or planting sheers (something that will cut through the wire you have).
-Needlenose pliers

1. Wrap the wire around the jar, under the lip, leaving about an inch of slack in the wire and cut.
2. Twist the wire together to close the loop, but still make sure that the wire is a bit slack.

3. Cut another length of wire to use as the "hanger." Mine were all around a foot long, maybe a bit longer. We did different lengths so they'd hang at different levels. Bend the wire into a big "u" shape.

4. Twist the ends of the hanger wire so that they form a "u" facing out. The pictures show the ends closed already. I felt like having the hooks face out made them more securely attached to the lip wire, but maybe I was being crazy.

4. Hook the hanger wire onto the wire around the lip of the jar (this can be slightly tricky if you don't leave enough slack in the wire around the jar).

5. Tighten the lip wire by twisting it more with the pliers until it feels securely on there.
6. Close the hooks on the hanger wire with the pliers (the pictures show this step already done).

7. Fill with about an inch of sand and stick in a candle!

Let me know what questions you have. We used one of the long lighters to light everything so we could put the candles in ahead of time, but if you don't want to buy one of those you could just stick the candles in as you light them at the wedding.


Lovely Blogger said...

Thank you for showing these instructions. I am doing this at my wedding too and hanging them on shepherds hooks. I knew I was going to do it but wasn't sure quite how. You can see my initial post about using mason jar lamps under "DIY & Budget Friendly" at Isn't She Lovely if you are interested.

It's funny how blogging takes away from planning your own wedding when your trying to help other folks. In the long run it's this unending circle that answers my own questions and gets me off the computer to do my own DIY things!

very married said...

wow - the effect (from the pics in the previous post) is amazing. so impressive!

Sharpiegirl said...

I'm planning on doing some of these for my May 2nd wedding...the instructions and pictures were very helpful!

kk said...

heya - where did you get bulk mason jars? i can't find them anywhere!

Miss Fairfax said...

try walmart, or shoppers, or any discount grocery. They usually sell them in packs of 12.

backyardwedding said...

I found most of my mason jars on Freecycle and Graig's List, but bought a few at thrift stores.

Anonymous said...

I am using hanging mason jars with flowers and some with candles on double shepards hooks. A florist gave me an idea also for centerpieces to use and tie in the whole theme of a "Rustic Country Wedding": 3 different size jars with different flowers in each. In the large jar use willow branches (twisted down inside)and in the medium size use some small pebbles (this adds some earthiness). I am getting married in May and I wish all of you the best of luck too.

San said...

Love these! Great idea! I'm using mason jars as vases at my outdoor wedding at the lake. If it's cool with you I'm going to feature these on my blog!


Leighalice said...

Did you have any issue with the glass turning black as the candles burned? I'm looking to do something similar for my wedding and am fielding concerns about the glass overheating/blackening.

btw your wedding is such an inspiration!

Aymiee said...

I had the same concern as Leighalice - overheating and blackening. I also heard stories about jars exploding. Also how often did you have to put another tealight in and relight?

Amanda S said...

Is there any worry of the wires melting if they candle burns hot for multiple hours? Thanks for your help!