Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reader Question: Wedding Day Timeline

Reader Question: I was wondering if you could post a timeline of the days leading up to the wedding. I am especially in search of one for the wedding day.

I'll have to work on a lead-up to the wedding timeline (I have one, but I want to fiddle with it a bit so it more accurately depicts what actually happened).  So, for now, here is our wedding day timeline (including stuff other people were doing and stuff we (P and me) were doing).  I've given the timeline that we thought we'd go by and made a note if that thing actually ended up happening at a later time.

An Illustrated Wedding Day Timeline

8:00 am - Breakfast at the B&B  (Wedding party plus P & me)
9:30 am Meet at house to continue set up  -Menfolk, plus my parents and some assorted family
9:30 am Women at B&B for hair, getting ready, finishing up flowers w/photographer (we had our hair person come to us, which was just as cheap as us going there because she didn't have to pay for her stall rental).

11:00 am Prep salads & apps - Mom and assorted friends and family at the house
12:00 pm Men get ready for pictures at the house - Groomsmen plus P

1:o0 pm Meet for pictures at the B&B (Wedding party plus us)  

3:30 pm Back to house for family pictures - Us, wedding party, family
4:15 pm Set up apps & drinks in backyard and water in front - Designated friend helpers
4:30 pm People arrive, greet people - Everyone
5:00 pm Ceremony starts - We based this on when we thought it would start cooling down.

6:00 pm Drinks, apps, and fun

6:45 pm Buffet starts (Actually ended up starting around 7:15 pm)

7:30 pm Cut pie (Dinner actually ended up taking longer than we thought so this actually happened around 8:30)
7:30 pm Dancing music (Actually ended up starting a bit after 8:30--immediately after cake/pie).

We wrapped up just around midnight, though most folks were gone by then and it was mostly the people were were spending the night there after about eleven or so.


Nicole said...

we had a timeline..and tried to stay on time..but in the end..we were late :) I didn't realize how long it takes for makeup/hair and pictures really take!!!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

great post!

Newport Nuptials said...

Wow your wedding is gorgeous! I love the whole look of the backyard. The twinkle lights make it so romantic! :)

Mouse said...

Ok, you look so cute while doing the flowers! I bet I will look like a Big Cloud of Stress and Doom while doing the flowers. Go, you!

Team Bride said...

This post is so helpful! I'm pretty sure I won't stick to my timeline ;p I love your dress...where did you get it and do you have any other pictures of it?

Brittany said...

Wow! I love your dress! Any chance it was mass-produced? If so, please tell me where :)

Your wedding was beautiful! Good job for staying under $10000