Monday, October 11, 2010

Joyfull Wedding

Two of my good friends are getting married next year. While I am not a photographer, I sometimes pretend to be, so I was happy (though nervous), to take engagement pictures for them.

They live in San Francisco, so we walked around their neighborhood (Castro & the Mission...lucky bums) taking pictures in random alleys, driveways, and of course, Delores Park

The lovely Ms Becca has started her own wedding blog, Joyfull Wedding, so I thought I'd send y'all over there if you are looking for new inspiration in your wedding planning (I obviously don't post much here anymore!).


Melissa said...

Cool photos. I really love the colorful backdrop in the first picture. Great choice of locations for the photos.

lurve you said...

i love the fist shot!

Innamorata said...

I heart these picture! I've just started following your blog..and I love it!

SeaBlush said...

I've awarded you the stylish blogger award! Visit my blog for more details :)

Nixon said...

I like these creative pictures. Congrats on you wedding :)

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bryllupsfotograf said...

What a wonderful series! I love the mood you captured!! So funny and so full of life! Thanks for sharing