Monday, November 12, 2007

Us, Continued...

A few days later I received what I thought was a random friend request on Myspace. I make a point to not "friend" people I don't know in real life, but this guy was kind of cute so I sent him back something along the lines of "I don't know you, but I might want to." He, having been told by our mutual friend, that I'd raved about how cute he is after our meeting in the thrift store, was confused but responded to my message with a polite reminder that I had met him, and maybe he should work on making himself more memorable.

Later that week, my friend and I were at a local bar grabbing a drink when she decided that we should call P and invite him. I was totally in the dark about her desire to set us up until that point, but I did think he was cute and he'd just moved to town, so at worst I figured he could use some new people to hang out with.

When he arrived it was clear there was chemistry. We talked for a long time that night (I'm not even sure how long). And I left the bar with my friend practically, no actually, skipping. And blabbing about how I thought I might be in love, and she knew I'd wanted to stay single, and why did she have to go on introducing me to someone so perfect.

Turns out P felt exactly the same way. And we've basically been inseparable since. We started talking about weddings after about a month of being together. Started talking about specific possible wedding dates soon after that, and in October he proposed.

Not exactly the normal relationship trajectory or what either of us was looking for, but everything about it has felt exactly right.

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