Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Give and Take

Planning a wedding should not be the most stressful thing you've ever done. It really shouldn't. Though that becomes increasing difficult when it is easily the most money I've ever spent on anything (and I'm not spending that much, comparatively). And it's also the largest event I've ever planned. So I've finally decided that some give and take on my projects and wedding goals needed to be allowed for.

Things I've given up on altogether:
- There will be no cute, handmade felt acorns at every table. Making felt acorns hurts my hands and is boring. Though they do look cute when done, it is not a priority and nobody will miss them.
- I am not making my own cake. I keep wanting to and then trying to picture myself having time to do it in the days before my wedding, and it just isn't happening.
- I am not going to worry that directions to the wedding didn't get in the wedding invite. People can get them on the website. Or they can call one of us. It wasn't worth another wasted gocco screen to try and figure out why that image wasn't working (for the third time).
- I'm not going to make an acorn shaped pinata or spend hours online trying to find a squirrel pinata either. In fact, I'm not going to worry about trying to find one at all. (As an aside, we were going to do a pinata beating instead of a garter toss/bouquet throw).

Things I am still doing but need to find the motivation to work on:
- Making ribbon mobiles to hang from trees.
- Making wire contraptions to hang jars filled with candles from.
- Figuring out who will make my wedding cake/cakes/pie? instead of me.
- Making some sort of leaf shaped place card/seating chart thing.
- Making blackboard signs to put around wedding site.


lazynybride said...

Oh, knowing what to give up and what to stick with shows a wisdom that I hope to one day have.

Delegate the cakes and pies, have everyone bring a favorite and use it as a centerpiece. I went to a wedding where each table had a cake and guests sought out their favorite flavor. It helped people mingle beyond their table.

Jami said...

I have two knitted/felted acorns-I would send to you if your heart desires...and may be able to get more. I am a teacher (newly engaged) and everyone at my school knits- there could be a basket somewhere full of em. If your interested I could hunt more down.

Your site is great!


backyardwedding said...

jami-I'd love them! You can email me at p.granatum at gmail dot com!