Monday, July 7, 2008

Gocco Take 2

We finally finished our wedding invitations last weekend. It was a long process involving running out of supplies multiple times, frantically ordering new ones, mistakenly having them sent to my parent's house due to paypal address confusion, and then giving up on certain parts of the invitations that just weren't working.

Making your own invites can be a hassle, but it definitely saved us money (in comparison to letterpress at least). And they look homemade--but I think in a sweet, fun way.

Plus, I'm pretty impressed that with my total lack of design skills, I was able to pull this off.

This picture has the best representation of the colors (if you click on it you can see a larger view).

The actual invitation part--the image is in a gold, shimmery ink that we also used in a few other parts of the invitation (the ink color doesn't show up very well in pictures).

I'm knitting the artists son red mittens in exchange for using the image.

The front & back of the reply postcard. Our initials carved in the tree have to be one of my favorite elements of the design, and totally last minute.

If I can get myself to the post office today to find stamps, they should be in the mail by this afternoon. It makes the whole wedding thing seem more real, to know that people will actually be able to RSVP soon.


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

they look really great! isn't gocco the absolute best thing ever? i heart mine and couldn't craft without it!

Liana said...

I really like how your invites turned out!

I think it would definitely work out if you want to buy some of the plates when my wedding is done.

It might work out that my mom could take them back to her place in Castro Valley (by Oakland). Would that be close enough for you to pick them up? I'm worried shipping costs would be really pricey.