Tuesday, August 19, 2008

to-do and done

I'm a big fan of lists (not thekn*t evil ones, but ones of my own creation). They are rarely complete and in the case of the wedding often embellished or stretched to make me feel better about myself, but nevertheless they seem useful.

Here is my most recent, vastly incomplete, list of things done and to-do for the wedding:

-Figure out my pie/cake situation (and oh lord are they going to be good--I have an ex-Chez Panisse pastry chef making me seasonal, local pie).
-Get sexy shoes and a variety of wedding dresses
-Made a birdcage veil and facinator*. Also realized that old bright red hat I have matches new bright red shoes and should be worn for reception with newly acquired bright red lipstick.
-Groom finally bought a suit. And bought pants and suspenders for his groomsmen.
-Made table runners. Thrifted enough vases to have flowers at like three weddings
simultaneously. Got other people collecting acorns to put on the tables and my sisters making super cute felted acorns.
-Finally have enough thrifted dishes so that everyone can eat.
-Did the do-it-yourself makeup thing at Sephora. Realized I hate smoky eyes on me and that my right eyelid is saggy. But also feel more confident that I can d
o my own makeup and not look whorish or frumpy.
-Conned a bridesmaid into facilitating our ceremony.
-Put my parents on a schedule for cleaning up their yard before the wedding (which is in their yard).
-Reserved toilets, tables, and all the essential things.
-Bought my custom wedding band from Green Lake Jewelers. Am slightly nervous that i waited too long and it may not be here before the wedding.
-Made mustaches.

To Do
-Help bridesmaid write ceremony
-Finish making decor (things that hang from trees)
-Reserve kegs
-Reserve flowers to be picked up from farm.
-Harass our lazy guests to be into actually rsvping.
-Create must-take photo list
-Make programs that explain quaker ceremony and direction cards for hotel room.
-Hair trial (scheduled for first week of Sept)
-Finish must-play song list.
-Create seating chart.Make place cards and table numbers.
-Buy fun photo booth props.
-Reserve cakes.
-Do all the last minute stuff like set up the yard, etc.

*My spell check would really like me to change
facinator to hallucinatory.
**This list was lifted on an IndieBride post because I'm lazy.


librarianism said...

The to-do list in the image is so adorable. Where did you find it?

backyardwedding said...

The link at the bottom of the post should take you there!