Friday, October 24, 2008

I hate the way I look with makeup on...

I almost never wear makeup. Occasionally, if I'm going out in a city larger than my own, I'll throw on some mascara and colored lipgloss. But those occasions are few and far between and I tend to feel gross if I add anything extra like eyeshadow or foundations.

My sister, on the other hand, loves makeup. She's one of those people with a giant case of Mac shadows and knowledge of pigments and stuff that I don't even comprehend. So my basic wedding makeup plan was to take her to Sephora with me, have her help me pick out makeup, and then have her do the makeup day of. We ended up scheduling a makeup consult at Sephora. They are free and while there is pressure to buy something at the end of it, you wouldn't have to. My sister ended up buying some eyeshadow foundation for herself and I bought the foundation she showed me because I didn't hate it (which is rare), and that was about it. For the cheap folks out there she also gave me little shaving size samples of the lipstick I liked so I could try them on and decide between them. I actually intended to go back and buy one of them, but never got around to it and ended up using a combo of the samples on our wedding day.

Since I never ended up purchasing all the kinds of makeup I needed, and I knew I wouldn't use a lot of it again, I had my brideswomen bring their makeup and we kind of mixed and matched stuff.

I used...Smashbox photo finish primer (purchased from Costco a few days before the wedding for much cheaper than i saw it elsewhere), Cargo oil-free foundation, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. All of those were applied with my fingers despite the Sephora lady saying I needed special brushes.

My blush was Besame in warm. I applied it with a blush brush. I used a tiny bit of Besame loose translucent powder on my forehead and nose with a powder brush.

My lips had my facial foundation rubbed over them and then mystery Benefit lipstick from the samples the lady gave me.
I borrowed eyeshadow from my friend and can't remember the exact brand, but it was shades of brown. Mascara was Smashbox in black (it came with the primer).
The best makeup tip I figured out that day was to have a camera on hand while you are getting ready. The one that will be taking pictures of you all day, if you can. I had my photographer there while I was taking pictures so I just had him show me what I looked like as I was going. That way I could adjust according to what I thought looked good in person and what was showing up on camera. I highly recommend that if you can.


bekapaige said...

You look gorgeous! I'm also DIYing my makeup, and that tip about having the camera there is awesome, I hadn't thought of that.

cj said...

Great make up. You look marvelous especially if compliment to your gorgeous gown.