Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What do you want to know?

While I'm getting back pictures next week, and will do more detailed wedding day recaps then, does anyone have specific questions they'd like answered about my wedding projects?

Also, it feels pretty crazy to see yourself on someone's blog who isn't related by blood or close friendship.


Anonymous said...

it is crazy isnt it? ;}

mimi said...

what is very funny is that i was just about to leave you a comment that i wanted to see the thrift store china table settings. i just started to collect thrift store items and i am having doubts and wondered how yours looked. it was for the wedding that project right?

Julia said...

i'm curious about the dancing since the wedding was in a backyard - did you rent a dance floor or have an after party somewhere? and your dress looks nicer on you than it does on the model!

everyday ramblings said...

wedding planner...have you thought about that career?

You would be so good at it.