Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pictures are here!

The first batch of our pro-pictures were posted on Pictage this morning! There are 506 of them and they aren't even up to the ceremony yet. Overwhelming but awesome!

Pictage doesn't really like you downloading their pictures, but with my handy Grab application I've snagged a few really poor quality screen shots for y'all until I get the disk of pictures from my photographer.

These are all from our walk around the old motels in downtown Redding.

Our friends/wedding party
Us, at the Stardust

Walking past the Americana Lodge

I am so happy that we ended up just walking around downtown instead of taking the car from place to place. The pictures of us just walking and hanging out are some of my favorites.

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Liana said...

how fun to walk around! the photos look great!