Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can big be done on a budget?

Someone emailed me recently to ask how big my wedding was, hoping that I wasn't saying I'd planned a 10k wedding for fifty people.

Nope. We had just around 100 people there. And we'd actually invited around 130 and budgeted for 115, knowing that some people wouldn't show up. And, going against all wedding advice, we did tell some people that they could come, but that they wouldn't necessarily get chairs and that we might put them to work. They were friends of my sisters, and we wouldn't have been able to invite them otherwise, so they understood and it ended up working out so they could even eat :)

We ended up having a bit of extra money because a few less people came than our budget allowed for, which we used to help pay for the B&B we stayed at with our wedding party as a thank you to them.
Edited to add a link to our budget (per a request).


melissa said...

I am always refreshed when I see a wedding like yours. On a budget and amazingly fabulous. That is why you were tagged!

E said...

Can you post a breakdown of your budget? I'm actually kind of surprised that your wedding cost as much as it did. The food seemed to be priced very reasonably, which is generally one of the largest line items, so I'm curious to see how it all broke down.

backyardwedding said...

E-I added a link to our budget. Unlike a lot of wedding budgets I included stuff like rings and hotels in ours, so that bumped it up a bit.

sabo_meenyo said...

more than 50. awesome. thanks!

Anonymous said...
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