Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recap: They've got moves

Paul and I love to dance, so having good dance music at our wedding was very important to us. While we originally thought that having a band was a priority for us, as we thought about it more we realized that with our budget and our mixed group of friends, having a DJ who could play a diverse selection of music would be a better idea.

Luckily, when Paul was in college he spent a year managing his college radio station. One of the perks of him basically living in the radio station basement for a year, is that he can forever use the DJ equipment and pull from the radio station stacks. We put together a list of suggestions for his friend (who also DJ'd at the radio station with him) and then left the rest to him. What he came up with was an awesome selection of music--from funk and soul to hip hop to electronica pop dancy stuff. It was a good time.

Starting out the night. We didn't do a first dance because nobody needs to watch me sway around with P. for two minutes. We had the DJ set up on my parent's hot tub deck, which doubled as a way to mask the hot tub from looking ugly.

The jacket came off pretty fast, and I'm already not wearing shoes.

We had some amazing kids at our wedding. I couldn't imagine not having young folks there. Their parents were all ready to leave way before they were!

After a bit of dancing, and I think for a lot of people, more of the sangria, the dancing got a little crazy (and hilarious).

There was apparently an unofficial, off the dance floor party, going on as well.

My husband's step-sister isn't near old enough to drink sangria, but she had insane moves. She challenged my sister's boyfriend to a dance-off, which turned into several of our friends and relatives break dancing (which, unfortunately, nobody really got a great picture of).

I think P. is pretty dang sexy when he dances. I, on the other hand, look like a crazy fool...
My dress kept coming unbustled, so I tied it in a knot.
Our friends changed into their jeans and converse, because why not?

And my hair came down...
And suddenly it was a good idea to get down on the floor to take a picture.
And I don't even know what happened here...
My friends are going to love me for posting these pictures on the internet!

The night ended around midnight or so. In part because some of our guests were camping in my parent's yard and had started to go to bed, and in part because I was really, really tired. We'd thought about going to a bar to after party, but we ended up just heading back to the B&B for sleep.


Emily P said...

Fun photos! Looks like everyone had a blast :)

Accidental Housewife said...

Bwah! Now THAT is a wedding PARTY! Good work!