Friday, January 2, 2009

Wedding Recap: we arrive at the wedding!

After running around town, we headed back to my parent's house (aka the wedding site) to get ready and take some family pictures. We planned on walking around the countryside to get a few more country shots of us, but we all got caught up in talking to people and working out details of the wedding so that didn't happen, and it's fine.
Once we were at the wedding, we made no attempt to have people not see me in my dress. I'm not sure if it struck people as odd that the bride was hanging out, greeting people as they arrived. Regardless, it made me feel a whole lot less nervous about being up in front of everyone during the ceremony and I got a chance to meet some of P's people I didn't already know.
We really didn't think we wanted a "jump shot." Actually we'd kind of joked about it prior to the wedding. But then some of our wedding party got a little tipsy while we were walking around downtown and requested one.
I'm kind of glad we have it now. The two who really wanted to do it (can you tell which two that might be) are hilarious. Here's another one just in case you couldn't tell from the last.
P. was really excited to hold everyone's flowers while I took a few pictures without them. Did I mention how much I HATED carrying them around all day? I kept suggesting pictures where I wouldn't have to hold them.
While we didn't end up having a flower girl, the girl who would have been our flower girl (my cousin's daughter) took a few pictures with us and our puppy--we made her our official puppy watcher instead of flower girl. She was very happy to have a role.

In between all the picture taking, I was running around figuring out last minute details--like we had no idea how we were all going to walk into the ceremony and hadn't practiced at all, and my officiant needed something to stick the ceremony printout in so she didn't have to stand up in front holding pieces of computer paper, and realizing our guestbook didn't have a sign to explain it (I hand wrote one quickly)...
Actually the whole welcome table was a bit...underdressed. We wanted to give people something to drink during the ceremony since it was warm outside and people were going to be talking. But, we are fairly anti-plastic bottled water, so we knew we wanted to get something to put the water in. At that point our budget was pretty tight and we couldn't find anything at Target, so we just went with the big blue water dispenser my mom uses for the track meets she coaches.
Actually, with the bright table cloth, the whole thing looks pretty cheerful, even if Martha Stewart would disapprove like crazy.

P. and officiant friend plotting their entry. Notice that S. found a lovely folder in my dad's office that we dumped everything out of and filled with ceremony.

Up next, the ceremony begins!


librarianism said...

What nice flowers!

Heather said...

I love it! I particularly love the yellow and the suspenders. And you're right, I was surprised how heavy the bouquet gets!