Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On my feet

By far the most frequently asked question I've received from readers about my wedding is where I found my red shoes.

The shoes don't say on them and since the box is long gone I wasn't really sure. Until person number one-hundred or so asked me today and I realized I should stop sending y'all to Anthropologie, begging them to sell you shoes that I'm sure they haven't had in months. So I got my act together and realized they came with a cloth bag that I was sure I didn't toss. I dug around a bit, and Ta Da! I have answers...

The shoes are by UK designer Miss L Fire. And while I didn't see my particular shoes on the website, she makes some other dang cute shoes.

Hope that helps!


J.BRIDE said...

I'm definently looking for an unconventional pair of shoes for my wedding...thanks for the tip :)

Carey said...

I love Miss L Fire! I have two or three pairs, and had my eye on the particular ones you own (I actually work at Anthropologie as a Visual Manager) but they sold out too soon.

Love that you paired them with your wedding dress!

KittyMeow said...


I have no words!! They're amazing.

I WISH Anthropologie delivered to Aus too - please please please I hope that happens one day!

jessica lynn said...

i would just like to say, that your wedding was "the bomb"