Saturday, June 21, 2008


Snippet & Ink had a picture of a bubble station at the wedding she's featuring today. Add bubbles to the list of random, little-kid, birthday party things I'd love to have at my wedding. Sometimes I think I'm overcompensating for the years of small/no birthday parties I had as a kid (not because of my parent's--I just didn't want them at the time).

(I'm thinking something with more variety in bubble wands than this though).

There will probably be around 10 kids at our wedding, but I think some of the adults would have fun with it to.

Would you play with a bubble station at an outdoor, backyard, end of summer wedding?


librarianism said...

I am also planning a backyard wedding, and I think bubbles sound like lots of fun!

librarianism said...

I'm back. On Martha Stewart's page, they show how to make all sorts of fun bubble wands...

backyardwedding said...


Buda said...

I'd like to have bubbles blown at us when we walk back down the aisle after we are married. Having it at a beach, I'd rather not have confetti polluting the beach and making a mess.

I used to be a total bubble freak and carry a bottle in my bag for fun. Like when I was waiting at the bus or something.

I think my friends and family will understand!