Monday, June 16, 2008

A Joyous Day!

When I was younger and thinking about getting married way off in the future, I said I'd never do it, unless our state or country came around and allowed ANYONE to get married. None of this marriage equals a man and a woman nonsense. This is particularly personal to me, as my best friend since childhood is in a long-term, very loving, same-sex relationship. And as the most functional, sweet couple I know, they sure as hell should have the right to get married if I do!

And so, it is with absolutely joy that I write that starting today, in the state of California (where we all live), if they wanted to, they could! In fact, their county, along with a few others, will be among the first to start issuing them today (the rest will start tomorrow).

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Aileen said...

Oh, I love that I stumbled upon your blog during a lunchhour google session in anticipation of our homemade, September wedding in Oregon! We also opted for a backyard wedding....sort of... we've being precocious and pretending that the state park outside my hometown is our backyard.

I'm looking forward to reading more about your wedding. It sounds wonderful!