Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is sort of embarrassing, but P. and I haven't done our thank you cards yet. We have excuses, but really there is no excuse. Even more embarrassing, is that we are now combining our thank you's with our holiday cards. Miss Manners would not approve.

The next two days are packed, but Saturday is sit down and write the damn things day. We have a holiday party to go to that night, and I'm banning myself from attendance unless I get the things done.


Blind, Irish Pirate said...

... I have a lot to say about traditional etiquette. I find that the rule of having one's thank yous out one month after the honeymoon is a bit steep. Not only did we only have 1 day of our honeymoon, but I was also still moving my crap into our new home a month after the wedding.

That, and I really do believe that whoever wrote that crap probably was a rich wench from the Victorian Era who did not have a job, had maids to cook, clean and unpack and generally all of the time in the world to write lovely little notes.

I guess I find a thank you note is a thank you note... thankfulness expressed towards generosity is appropriate whenever, and should never be slighted because it is a couple of months after Your Special Day.

Which, by the way, I also like the pics from your wedding, too.

Anonymous said...

I just got a thank you note yesterday from a wedding I attended in early June. I hadn't even thought about it. Although I will say that I didn't love the generic sentence that was in probably every thank you. Take your time but make them slightly more personal.