Monday, December 8, 2008


Recently Ariel on Offbeat Bride wrote about the fake mustache trend at weddings. I have to say that I fell victim to it. Although, at the time I didn't know it was a wedding trend. I just saw a fake mustache on etsy and thought "Hey, I can make that and wouldn't they be cute at the wedding." Plus, we were doing a photobooth with costumes, so I assumed they'd be put to good use there. In fact, I'd bet that the fake mustache trend is pretty in sync with the photobooth trend. But who cares? They're both fun and I don't regret either one.

My sister twirling the tips of one of the mustaches I made.

I also ended up buying a few cheap mustaches from a local party store. They were under $1 each, and while you had to stick them in your nose to wear them, people weren't as grossed out about that as I assumed they would be.

My husband in one of the handmade ones, and me with a mustache stuck in my nose.

So maybe I'm trendy and unoriginal. But people had fun with their faux facial hair at my wedding, and years from now I bet nobody will remember that mustaches at weddings were marginally trendy for some period of time.

More mustache pictures here.

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Elsa said...

Holy moley, this is a trend? I had no idea, either; I thought I was sooooo original and hilarious!