Friday, September 5, 2008


Another thing done! I went to my hair trial today and I loved it. And after showing you those two pictures this morning, I searched around online and ended up showing her two totally different images. Of course. So inspiration was a combination of low bun in the back and poof in the front:


I have a TON of hair. Even with massive thinning the first thing any hair stylist tells me is that I've got thick hair. They say it in a semi-horrified voice. So she started by trying to replicate style #1 above. It ended up something like this:

poof! So much poof. And hair. I've got a lot of hair people.

Neither of us liked it, and the weight of it was weird felt like it was going to pull it out, so she took it all down and we moved on. What she came up with was this:

I loved it. Everyone in the salon loved it (there were about five other women checking it out). It's comfortable and feels securely stuck to my head. Also I look like I have about half as much hair as in the previous style. Some pictures my sister took just now (a few hours later).

I'll be wearing it with the veil for the ceremony and pictures before, and then taking the veil off and just wearing the fascinator for the reception.

Also, I need to work on actually smiling in pictures and taking front facing pictures for the wedding!

And on a non-wedding related note, here is my sister and my puppy for added cuteness.


Veronica said...

Yep! The second one is the winner! And your puppy is so yummy! kisses for the puppy!

Emily@oncewed said...

You look lovely!!What a great birdcage veil/hairpiece ensemble too...

backyardwedding said...

Thanks! I actually made the birdcage/hairpiece. There's a post about it somewhere here.

everyday ramblings said...

The hair is perfect!
and I can't wait to meet that puppy

mimi said...

your hair looks better than the tears you brought to the hair person.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

I feel your pain (117 bobby pins and 2.5 hours for my trial run). The final product looks great though!