Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dish washing, part deux

We spent the weekend up at my parents house working on the wedding, and I've got to tell you...having the majority of the wedding stuff out of our house, up there, makes it seem soooo soon!

We took all the dishes we've collected out of their boxes and gave them a proper washing in the dishwasher (as opposed to the lawn washing they previously received). The picture on the left is some, but not all, of the boxes we piled up in their kitchen. In the living room we stuck 13 boxes for our 13 tables (ooo...scary...13 tables...think my marriage is doomed?). In each box went the correct number of plates, napkins, water glasses, three random vases, and a mason jar filled with silverware.

I have no idea how I missed taking a picture of that assembly line, but after everything went into the "shed" which is really my parents old garden shed that my dad, sister,and I converted into my sister and my bedroom in high school. It's now in the process of becoming my dad's office, but in the meantime is the wedding storage room.
My dad covered it all with a painting tarp so it wouldn't get dusty.

As much as my inner control freak feels a little weird about my stuff not being here, it's nice to let go of this project and call it done. There is no reason why I'd need to recount the forks before the wedding. No reason at all.

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everyday ramblings said...

your wedding is not doomed it will be the most perfect and prettiest wedding ever. I can't wait