Tuesday, September 2, 2008

diy flowers trial

Another project this weekend was for my sister to learn how to make bouquets, since she is going to be doing that the day before the wedding. This actually led to another discovery. Right down the street from my parents is a farm that carries zinnias in a variety of colors. We went there to pick up some flowers for my sister to practice with, but FH decided that he was going to give them a call and see if they had enough flowers that they could be a potential supplier for the wedding. And the woman was thrilled to work with us! She's selling us bouquets of 15 stems for $5. That is literally less than half of what our other supplier is charging. So huge score.

My sister used the domino french spiral youtube video to get the basic idea. She ended up with this lovely bouquet. not the colors or flowers we are going to use for my bouquet, but she said it really helped her to see what she is going to need to do for the real ones.

A few things she noticed...zinnias are really small. We are going to use dahlias as the base for the real thing because this bouquet, which is tiny, took around 30 stems. She also realized that with zinnias at least, it was necessary to wire every, single stem. No question. They were flopping all over the place otherwise.

Overall we were both really happy with the result, and she is glad I talked her into doing this trial before the wedding.

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