Tuesday, September 23, 2008

first glance

The husband and I spent the night together before the wedding, had a wonderful wedding morning breakfast together with our friends, but got ready separately (mostly so they could finish up setting things up at the house while I could get my hair done with my friends). Then we met back up at the B&B before the wedding to take pictures. I think it was perfect for us. I couldn't have imagined not spending the night with him (particularly since we live together) or not taking pictures before the wedding (such a huge time saver), but it was nice to have alone time with my friends before the wedding.

My friend took this picture of us seeing each other for the first time, in costume. While my dress has been in our house for months now, he'd never seen it.

PS- Since a few people have mentioned it, we are actually going on our honeymoon in November (Argentina!). More about that later, but I'll be around posting for the next month or so until then!

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NotQuiteaBride said...

oh you are KILLING me! I have been following your blog for so long now, and I'm DYING to see more pictures of your wedding!!