Wednesday, September 10, 2008

do not check the 10 day forecast

For those of you not here yet, I am warning you. Do not check the 10 day forecast. Mine is up to the day before the wedding, and it's not looking pretty. In a sea of 95+ degree days of pure sunshine, Friday is scheduled to be 80 and rainy. I mean, it hasn't rained in months. And historically it hasn't rained much that weekend (there was about a 5% chance). But seeing "thunderstorms" on the little chart this morning made me go into panic mode.

We are having an outdoor wedding. Basically on the dirt. Which will quickly turn into muddy mud if we get our first rain of the fall that weekend. We would have a very difficult time cramming 100 people into my parent's small house, so today I called a tent company (the one tent company near my parent's house), just to see.

$3187. For a tent. For real.

So that's kind of out the window. I'm kind of wishing I could just pretend I didn't see the little thunderstorm graphic, but part of me feels like the adult thing to do is to call around and figure out an indoor option. Just in case.

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desert bride said...


10 days out from our wedding: 60% chance of showers. In the Mojave Desert. In September. I was crushed.

The day of our wedding: Clear and gorgeous.

It changes so much between 10 days. All it does is make you fret. Wait until 5 or so days!!!